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Why Go Solar Today? 

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Once we encounter massive disruptions in our lives, such as pandemics or natural disasters, it’s only reasonable to take your time and consider which are essential for you to survive. Moreover, it’s a moment when a lot of people search for opportunities to be more independent and to do protective measures to the things that we personally value. On top of the shelter, food, and the health of our family members, the electricity that powers our home is one of the vital parts of our lives that we most likely neglect before. Now that there is a global pandemic—COVID-19— a lot of people realized the importance of having a backup power supply and solar panel installation in homes as it can assist your home to be more self-sustaining. If you’re still considering going solar, here are some of the greatest reasons that may convince you to do it today. 


Environmentally friendly energy 

Apart from the economic benefits that solar energy can offer, there are some reasons to consider why you should go solar as soon as possible. Solar panels are eco-friendly, making it one of the best ways of producing energy. Also, you can utilize the sun’s energy to power your business or home without contributing to local air pollution. In fact, you can use solar panels for even almost 40 years and more. Plus, you can always have them recycled as soon as they reach their lifetime restriction. 

Offset higher usage 

Based on a study from 2020 conducted by Fundera—a financial institution—the regular telecommuting workers’ number has increased by 115 percent since 2005. Now that people are gradually shifting to a work from home setting as they are mostly mandated to stay in one place by their government, utility bills and electricity consumption will naturally increase for most households. If you consider incorporating home solar panels, it can aid you in counterbalancing increased energy costs, allowing you to save money as you remotely work.   

No money down 

Did you know that you can push through with your solar panel installation without money down? This is thanks to the continued accessibility of decent solar companies’ financing options. Meaning, you can leave your money in security markets until they grow and regain as you invest in solar today. This is solar energy’s economic perk that’s particularly relevant during such hard and trying times.  

Reliability and self-sufficiency 

Having solar panels can help minimize your dependency on grid electricity. Not to mention, producing your own energy frees you from totally relying on energy companies. Solar panel arrays for homes mixed with high capacity battery backup gives you a reliable source of energy on-site. With this, it can store excess energy that can be utilized in case of emergencies, making your home more self-sufficient rather than entirely dependent on grid energy. 

After you read all of the solar energy panel’s benefits mentioned above, we hope that it persuaded you to push through with installing one on your own. If so, contact a reliable solar panel company today and book for a solar panel installation.  



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