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How to Handle Your Vehicle During A Tire Blowout?

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Tire blowouts can be very disastrous and dangerous, and it is one of the main reasons for traffic-related collisions and deaths per year. As a driver, there is nothing scarier and anxious than experiencing a tire blowout at a high speed as this means an eventual crash if the situation remains uncontrolled.

Although vehicles are now equipped with automatic tire pressure systems, accidents still do occur and there could be a need for help like towing service in the middle of the road. On average, it takes one-fourth of a second to lose control after the tire blowout. The most effective way to reduce the chances of clash is to remain calm and remember the appropriate response to these kinds of issues.

What are the common causes of tire blowouts? Knowing the reasons will not save your life when an accident occurs, but also prevents future potential issues and damages that can cause a tire blowout.

Common reasons are the following:

Over and under-inflated tires

Worn-out tires

Structurally damaged tires that are more susceptible to further damages

Slow leaks or flat tires

Other external factors like nails, extreme heat, potholes, and other road hazards that compromise the safety of the tires

What can you do?

By knowing the reasons, you can now avoid issues that will potentially develop into vehicle’s issues. The following are the things you can do during tire blowouts:

Keep calm – this is very important as it conditions your mind to avoid panicking and start thinking soberly to make decisions fast. When you begin to panic, it will impact your steering.

Avoid making quick movements – when panicked, you may start doing things out of fear and impulse. However, it is important ot know that it is critical that you do not immediately pull your foot off the gas pedal to stop the car, or immediately apply brakes.

Gradually decelerate your car – as much as possible, when you experience, try to maintain your car’s speed especially when the vehicle starts to increases its speed.

Pullover and off one side – when you are experiencing tire blowout, it is important to take off to the side and pull over to avoid further damage. It is not recommended that you continue when there is a tire blowout

Get assistance – after you have pulled over your car on the safety sides, it is important to ask help from the professional towing service companies to help you get your car whenever you have a flat tire or help you with other mechanical issues. Towing services can also drop you to a nearby mechanics for any mechanical help that you and your vehicle need.

Final Thoughts

When you experience tire blowouts, it is easy to panic. However, stop yourself from reacting this way. Aside from panic will never help you resolve things and potential problems, it can also worsen the situation by making you do things without careful judgment or decision-making process. So, next time you realize that something ha blowout, you know what to do.

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